About Us

Since 1977, the founders of ACT of COMMUNICATION®, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, have brought state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses.  As professionals who make a living in film, television and theatre, the company’s founders and associates have appeared in hundreds of television shows, scores of films and with dozens of repertory companies and theatres throughout the world.  Over the past thirty years, they have also endeavored to become expert legal consultants through the careful study of learning theory and education theory, as well as the study of human behavior—how people learn, how jurors learn and how they deliberate.  Today, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication.  People learn best through a story.  And jurors are people.  In court most attorneys forget that they are one person telling a story to a group of people.  Taking that jury group of strangers and unifying them, with a story, is the primary job of the trial lawyer.  Teaching lawyers how to tell stories effectively is the job of ACT of Communication®.  Finding the stories within each case—the overall theme, the story of each witness, and the story of your client—is the primary objective.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® is an innovator in legal, trial and litigation consulting.  The attorney is called upon to assume the tasks of writer, director and actor, but unfortunately is only trained in the rules and procedures of the law.  Translating ideas, opinions, research and facts into the live three-dimensional event of a trial is the challenge of the attorney. Employing the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal communication skills is the province of the performing artist.  These techniques can be taught.  Learning them can create better lawyers – lawyers who win more cases; lawyers who create better settlements; lawyers who connect as people with jurors, clients and judges.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® is nationally recognized for excellence in training attorneys and for its trial consulting work with lawyers and witnesses on a range of cases including, but not limited to:

  • Business Litigation
  • Criminal Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Employment

Visit our web site at www.ActofCommunication.com.