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The Artist — Movies for Lawyers — The Act Of Communication Point Of View

From Alan:

THE ARTIST is that rare gem of a film universally lauded by both critics and the public. And the praise is well deserved. The translucent expression of the lead actors and the powerful support of the entire cast offers a glimpse into the human soul. ALL WITHOUT WORDS.

When we teach attorneys, one of the points we always make is that in the evolution of human communication language is the last piece. Impulse, expression and then language. So, the challenge for the attorney is always to learn to ignite and access the full range of vocal, physical and emotional expression, ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE LEGAL THEORY AND FACTS OF THE CASE.

Legal education is based upon understanding, evaluating, parsing and specifically using language. And of course we agree that language is important. Often, however what we see are attorneys who have cut themselves off from most other expression except language. Not consciously, but often completely. There is an incorrect fear that other expression is somehow “not appropriate” in the courtroom. Well, that is just wrong. Full human expression is not only welcome, it is essential.

There is much talk lately about the Reptile. Among others, David Ball offers workshops on this concept. The idea that our more primitive brain is what lawyers want to reach….the part of us that reacts, recoils, protects and punishes. The part of us that is, in a sense, pre-verbal.

As you watch this film, feel and see how much is communicated and conveyed WITHOUT ANY LANGUAGE. Even the subtitles are sparse and sometimes, I felt, were an interruption. Watch the full array of human emotion, the full impact of STORY, powerfully given to us without words.

I admit that the music helps a lot.

TIP: Are you accessing your full range of communication? Are you using your heart, your emotions, your body and your mind…or are you trapped in only language?

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