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Welcome To The Followers of Lawyerist.com

From Alan:

Katherine and I are delighted that Legal Stage was named one of the 10 Practice Blogs to follow by Lawyerist.com.

We have tried to create something different here. As different and as helpful as our work has been over the past 34 years of working with trial lawyers and their witnesses.

As the first company to bring the skills of the actor, writer, director, producer and theater artist to the needs of trial lawyers and the people with whom they work, we have always looked to find the connections between disciplines. Most especially between performers and any kind of live communication. Most especially in the courtroom.

So, WELCOME. Please scroll through all of our posts and comment on what you see here and what you might like to see in the future. We welcome you and your input.

TIP: Always look for the commonality and the connections between seemingly disparate ideas and disciplines.

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