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Preparing The Parents Of The Child Client

In dealing with a case that is focused around child, whether the child is hurt or killed by a doctor, defective product or any number of ways we have all seen over the years, the parents of a child client are in an extremely emotional and vulnerable state-of-mind.

As an attorney preparing the parents, he/she needs to realize they are working with a bond and/or relationship that has a more complex set of primal instincts. The Rules of Parenting that constitute the reassurance of the survival of the species which include, to protect, to defend, to love, to educate, to provide for , etc… are morphed and clouded as parents prepare for a deposition or trial.

The first job of the lawyer who is representing the child is to figure out which rule or rules have gone awry in this parent (or these parents). Only then can you try to minimize the effect this potentially monstrous hazard. Yes, monstrous. A parent with a deformed rule dominating his or her life can have monstrous consequences to a case and ultimately be hazardous to the future of his or her own child when assuming the role of witness.

In article, I am going to explore these rules and how to recognize the potential monstrous hazards they become in the parents of the children we represent.

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